Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Leadership in the E-World - The E-World has definitely changed the way a leader leads. One thing that a leader does is ensure that his or her organization and its members are prepared for the future. That preparation is completely different now than it was in the past.

A great example of preparation changes is in the sales and marketing arena. Many companies are turning to the internet for marketing and sales opportunitites. Selling over the internet is completely different than selling in person. Therefore, a leader in a sales organization must make sure that the organization's sales agents are prepared for the new sales arena.

Processing funtions, and other back-office functions, are no longer considered value-add for most companies. The E-World has made outsourcing of these positions a cost saving option for companies. Processing can be done by low cost 3rd parties, whether that is in the United States or off-shore. Therfore, eaders in organizations that have been traditionally classified as processing/back-office organizations must also prepare to transform the organization's role in the company. Employees in these organizations must be prepared for the transformation - new goals, new skills - to make it possible.

I believe that preparation for the new E-World is a critical task that leaders must perform. The required preparation will be different amongst diverse organzations but the preparation is a requirement.

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